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Call for anthology submissions

Christmas Wishes

We’ve decided to celebrate the holidays with our first Anthology Collection!

The theme is Holiday romance and magic. Of course, there is no reason they can’t be combined.  Sweet-sensual romance only please, we do not accept erotica.

We are looking for six to eight stories, depending on the length of your creative magic, so space is limited. We are paying a flat rate for accepted stories this time, at the following rates: 2500-5500 word count will be a $5.00 payment, and 5501-10,000 word count will be paid $10.00

Deadline is Sept. 15, 2017 – and this is a firm deadline, not an approximate. We need time for editing and production. Our targeted release date is December 1st, though it might be mid-November if all goes smoothly.

Please refer to submission guidelines as improperly submitted manuscripts will be rejected.

General submission guidelines:

12pt Georgia font
0.5 indent
Single spaced or 1.5
NO headers or footers
Title and Author contact on first page

Thank you and we’re looking forward to your Holiday tales!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Meet the talented, multi-published Koos Verkaik

Ladybee Publishing and Evolutionary Publishing
join forces to show the great variety of
Koos Verkaik’s talents!

Koos Verkaik is one of the most productive authors of this time. 

He published over sixty different titles – both children’s books and novels.

Publisher Penny A. Adams: “Koos has been compared to Hans Christian Anderson, if Anderson had more of a fantasy bent. Koos is very well known in his native country of Holland, having been a best-selling author over there for a number of years. LadyBee Publishing is beyond pleased to have the English publishing rights to the amazing series Alex and the Wolpertinger!”

Reviews about Alex and the Wolpertinger

‘Alex and the Wolpertinger - The Monster Inn by Koos Verkaik is a must read. It is a short book but has a large story to tell. Once you open it, it will grab you and hold you down and you'll turn the pages and turn and turn some more until you reach the last one. You'll even find a few twists and turns thrown in. I gave it 5 stars but it deserves more. It would make a great gift to give. It would make a great addition to your child's library or any library's bookshelf. I highly recommend this book to everyone. You will not regret picking up this book. I look for more books from Koos Verkaik.’

‘This is a good book. I thought it was funny when Alex was being shrunk and when he was small he could talk to animals. The old tomcat yelled at him and said my name is not Shabby Tabby Chum. I think this book is adventurous. It was also funny. I liked the way Alex and the cat talked with each other.’

‘Imagine cooking for a greedy glutinous prince who wants to be waited on hand and foot. Poor young Alex creates a specialty of bread and cheese that just about saved his life from this evil prince.

Alex learns Prince Ruff Rumble has captured a magician and is holding him prisoner, demanding that he make gold but his books of magic have been ruined. Here is where Alex and his pet tomcat, Chum begin their wild adventure as they are led on one wild journey after another to find the gold makers and bring them to the prince. To begin with Alex is shrunken by the magician so he can fit into the tiny tunnels that lead into another realm of the Downhills. The spell also granted Alex the ability to understand all the animals including his faithful friend Chum. They enter a magical world where strange creatures lurk, but some help them find their way to the Monster Inn, where they will hopefully find what they came for. The story is riddled with clues all along for Alex and Chum as their fate depends on finding the gold makers. The fatmonster becomes a friend when he offers them help crossing a raging river and a place to sleep for the night. They meet up with Ludo, the Wolpertinger who is friendly and leads the way to Monster Inn. You'll find out why this Wolpertinger is so special and why he wants to help Alex and Chum. Once again, Alex finds himself caught and forced to be a cook at the inn serving a bevy of hungry monsters. He does get some help from the waitresses who are bats and a dragon who can heat up food with his flames. His special recipe of bread and cheese will once again get him out of a mess. The mystery continues on as Alex, Chum and the Wolpertinger get closer to finding the legendary gold makers. Author Koos Verkaik shows off his skill for rich fantasy in this fast paced story peppered with old world style.’

The critics had this to say about Heavenly Vision, published by Evolutionary Publishing

By the end, the author had impressed me so much that I was not sure whether to applaud the brilliance of the character in the story or the creator of that character that is the author. The twist or final pull was that good of a brilliance charm. 

An exciting adventure into a seldom-addressed topic, 19th century Spiritism in Amsterdam. I've read much on Spiritualism and Spiritism in Britain and America in the 19th century (it is, in fact, one of my favorite subjects to the explore), but I wasn't familiar with it as practiced in Holland. In THE NIBELUNG GOLD, Spiritism is as popular a practice among the Amsterdam wealthy as celebrity worship by the masses is in contemporary culture.

Wolf and his partner Jacob are explorers of the unknown and occult, very skillful at uncovering fraud and identifying actual phenomena. But even for such experienced paranormal investigators, the possibility exists of encountering phenomena well beyond their ken.

Once again this master storyteller brings one of his unique characters to life in a story about a little book collector of limited means who had the luck to come across an old Atlas in a second hand bookshop in Amsterdam. Once his historian friend laid eyes on it, he became very excited and life for Jan Glas was never the same again.

As usual Koos Verkaik brings a mélange of quirky characters to life. The good, the bad, but never the indifferent. He then weaves them into a mystical tale that moves between the present and the past of a strange machine that kills at will and a prophecy of doom. His unique writing style holds the reader’s interest from beginning to an end of the world scenario, as he builds the tension during a well plotted fantastical journey full of intrigue and mysteries.

This is another MUST for readers of strange and unique tales from the undisputed master with one of his whacky covers that I love.

Now Ladybee Publishing proudly announces a new Koos Verkaik series: Saladin the Wonder Horse

It is a series of four books – in the Netherlands it was published by De Hobbit in Alkmaar and each book had a first printing of ten thousand copies!

The series had become so popular, that Koos was asked to write comic scripts of each book and soon Saladin the Wonder Horse was a comic in magazines and albums.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Amazon Best-selling Author Colleen Love

I am proud of all the authors I get to work with. Occasionally, one of them gets the rewards they so justly deserve. A huge congratulations to Amazon Best Selling author, Colleen Love and her book Blood's Price.

Two cultures, two lives, one path.

Elizabeth Smythe is taken away from her privileged life and everything she knows. Her rescuer, Spirit Walker, treats her with gentle compassion, winning her trust and love. Elizabeth discovers Spirit Walker is so much more then just a strong man devoted to his tribe.

Spirit Walker is a multi-faceted man who carries the honour of his people with deep pride. Despite the wrongs committed against him, he knows crucial timing will reward his patience and soon enough fate plays it's hand fulfilling the blood price he so longs for.


The warrior stopped and Elizabeth bumped into him. His piercing eyes drilled into her and she shrank back from him. When he turned again, she peered around him. It was a small, deep river and Elizabeth felt her spirit lift. She forgot all about the loose grip around her arm and started to move forward, but a quick tug from him reminded her she was not free to do so. Looking up into those sharp obsidian eyes, she stepped back. She reminded herself, yes, the man spoke English, but it didn’t make them friends, she was still his hostage. Stiffening her spine and raising her chin, she followed when he guided her down to a small alcove covered in fine, grey sand. A short distance from the water’s edge, he released her arm and held her with a pointed gaze.

The warrior untied the belt holding his breechcloth. He removed, folded and placed it on a large rock on the beach and toed off his moccasins.

He turned to Elizabeth. “Take off the dress.”

“What?” Her voice raised several octaves and her eyes grew large and round.

“You heard me,” he stated in a flat voice. “Take it off.”

She stared at him with a blank expression as self-conscious anxiety rose in her throat and terror re-blossomed within her heart.

“It’s not like I haven’t already seen you without your clothes. Come on.” He held out his hand. “The dress, if it gets wet, it will be ruined and then you will be without clothes at all.”

Looking from his hand to his expression and back to his hand again, she drew in a deep breath, ready to protest. Instead, her eyes widened as they slid down his lean, muscular body. The sun had deepened his earthen skin, drawn tight over flexed, defined muscle tone.

She resigned herself to logic and grasped the hem of her tunic, pulling it over her head. Elizabeth saw his breath hitch and a wince started to crease around his painted eyes before he caught it. Elizabeth handed him the dress and looked down to see large dark bruises on her ribs, thighs and arms. She assumed her back looked the same as well, by the way it felt. His jaw clenched visibly when he grasped her arm again and forced her into the water in front of him.

“Please don’t,” she pleaded, “I can’t swim!” She slipped and slid on the slimy rocks, clutching his arm between her breasts for dear life.

“I’m not trying to drown you, settle down.” He stilled his prompting, standing still in the shin deep water. “I’m trying to let you bathe. The cold water will help the bruising and soreness.”

Elizabeth calmed herself, but still clutched his arm in a death grip as her feet tried to grip the bottom of the river. He guided her to a shallow, slow running area where there were none of the large slippery rocks. Instead, coarse sand and small pebbles tickled at the bottoms of her feet and she relaxed. Feeling safe enough to stand on her own, she released his arm.

“Stay here.” His tone was gruff.

Elizabeth stood still in the cool water; too petrified to go any further then where she stood. He paced away a couple of steps, and carried over a large, flat rock from the beach and placed it down in the water for her to sit on. Elizabeth sat carefully in the cold river.

“Thank you,” she spoke softly, avoiding his gaze, trying not to stare at his naked body while he was watching her.

When the warrior walked away, Elizabeth watched after him. Raw power flexed his muscles with each step. He strode with long, confidant steps against the current and into the middle of the little river.

Visit Colleen's Website and Blog

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Submissions Call: Guess Who's Coming for Valentine's Supper?

We are looking for interracial/multicultural romance that ranges from sweet to steamy. 7500-10,000 word count. Valentine's Day related themes that deal with interracial and/or multicultural relationships and the taboos that far too many still have in place today.

Submissions deadline Dec. 31/2014 for Feb. 2015 publication.

Please follow the Romance Submission Guidelines on our website

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